Why jewelry retailers should consider labgrown diamonds 

22 June – 3 min read. The diamond market is innovating by offering diamond lovers a more ethical and durable option, such as the lab-grown diamonds. You can easily buy a lab-grown stone for less money than a mined diamond and even get a larger stone. . It is practically identical to the mined diamond, in both quality and composition. The only difference is that they have a better reputation than mined diamonds. That’s because the lab-grown diamonds are made in

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5 inspiring diamond engagement ring ideas

  May 1 – 5 min read. Are you on a quest for the perfect diamond engagement ring? It might be hard to make the right choice. Do you want the shiniest, sparkliest and most glamorous one of all? Or a more simple and sophisticated ring that radiates serenity? For a little bit inspiration we gathered some of the prettiest engagement rings. Oval shaped Brilliantly sweet and a timeless classic amongst engagement rings are the oval shaped ones flanked by

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Cultured diamonds: a sustainable and beautiful choice

  Mar 31 – 3 min read. The process to grow cultured diamonds — or lab created diamonds — is very similar to the natural growth process. Just like in nature you will find all kinds of diamonds in a laboratory. Scientists grow both colourless and fancy coloured diamonds from 1 up to 5 carats. Cultured diamonds are not only ethical but also very beautiful and 100% real diamonds. With so many options within reach it may be hard to choose but don’t let

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What are cultured diamonds?

Feb 21 – 3 min read. The word diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas, which means unconquerable and indestructible — yet our planet isn’t. With Vow we strive to change the diamond world by offering cultured diamonds that are grown in a laboratory. A diamond is foreverSince the discovery of the mines of South Africa in the late nineteenth century diamonds became very popular. Tiffany’s creation of the six-prong setting in 1880 and De Beer’s campaign “A diamond is forever” in

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