Always dreamt of an ultimate gesture of love? There’s a Vow diamond for every budget.

Each Vow diamond has its own unique qualities, just like you – or the person you love. We select our diamonds personally and evaluate the carat, cut, colour and clarity. Only the most exceptional beauties make it to our collection.

Show your true colours

Do you treasure the purity of a colourless diamond or do you prefer a more vivid colour matching your personality? We offer a range of D-coloured to M-coloured diamonds but also fancy coloured diamonds. The beloved pink and blue diamonds are a curiosity in nature and very expensive – yet the cultured counterparts are more affordable, but just as unique.

All shapes and sizes

Vow diamonds come in as many shapes (and sizes) as there are tempers: from a classic Round Brilliant to a more dramatic Radiant shape. For a modern twist you may choose a Princess or Oval shape while a Pear or Emerald diamond finishes off an elegant style. If you like to emphasise size a Marquise diamond will be the one. Are your musings filled with celebrities? Choose a Cushion cut diamond like they do. The shape highlights the diamond’s radiance, and yours.    

The highest quality

Every diamond we offer is classified as type IIa, which is the purest and rarest grade of all. Vow diamonds belong to the most rare diamonds in the world as only 2% of geological diamonds are this pure.

Once our diamonds are cut they have a much higher yield than geological diamonds: lab created diamonds grow in a more regular shape and it’s easier to obtain the desired shape without much loss. With Vow you get a bigger diamond for your money.

A helping hand

The characteristics or 4 C’s of a diamond represent our own spectrum of qualities. It makes a diamond complex, yet it is the world’s purest gemstone of all. We understand it might be difficult to find the perfect diamond expressing your love and commitment. So please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need personal assistance in your sparkling quest.

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