Respect for the future

We commit ourselves to a respectful and honest approach towards people and the environment. The laboratories we work with are guaranteed conflict-free and by choosing cultured diamonds we help people instead of hurting them. We support sustainable innovations and are proud to tell you the lab-grown process has a significantly smaller environmental impact. With our diamonds we give local ecosystems the chance to recover and flourish.

Clear and certified

We attach great importance to an honest process and transparant communication about the origin of our Vow diamonds. Each Vow diamond we offer is certified by I.G.I, H.R.D. and/or G.I.A., and holds the guarantee that the diamond comes from a conflict-free source and no fragile ecosystems were destroyed. The diamond is also laser inscribed with the certificate number and the words “Lab Grown” on the girdle so you know exactly what you buy.

Excellent quality and value

We strive only after the highest standards in quality and value. Every Vow diamond we offer is classified as type IIa, which is the purest and rarest grade of all. With Vow you also get a larger diamond for your money. Once our diamonds are cut they have a much higher yield than geological cut diamonds: cultured diamonds grow in a more regular shape and it’s easier to obtain the desired shape without much loss.

Customer focus

Your trust in Vow means the world to us. We are happy to assist you during your search, educate you about diamonds and provide you with transparant information about the process and origin of our diamonds. We want you to feel good about your purchase and take the time to help you.

It is our mission to provide the world with diamonds that are not only beautiful and certified but also ethical, sustainable and conflict-free.

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