Our designer’s expertise and love for true craftsmanship are reflected in our jewellery. We design rings and other jewels inspired by your soul and designed to suit your personal style.

Personal guidance

Choosing a diamond is personal and – mostly – an intimate occurrence. Carefully we listen to your story and guide you from an in-depth understanding of the four C’s to the creation of a unique jewel. From start to finish we honour and respect the trust you give us, as well the emotional involvement. With great dedication we assist both small and big spenders.


Together we look for the right carat, cut, colour and clarity considering your preferences and requirements. We help you choose the one diamond – or maybe a combination of diamonds in different sizes – that radiates who you are. No two diamonds are alike, each one is as unique as you are. 


We work together with a master jewellery designer, who creates your jewel with the utmost care and finest materials. One who executes the intended design according to the highest standards. We personally control the quality, colour and cut of the diamond(s) before presenting the jewel, as you deserve something exclusive and beautiful. 

Don’t worry if you don’t live in Belgium or prefer to work with your own jewellery designer. You or your jeweller can buy loose diamonds in our online shop without ordering a jewel.

Do you have questions or are you looking for personal guidance?

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