Cultured diamonds: a sustainable and beautiful choice

Mar 31 - 3 min read.

The process to grow cultured diamonds — or lab created diamonds — is very similar to the natural growth process. Just like in nature you will find all kinds of diamonds in a laboratory. Scientists grow both colourless and fancy coloured diamonds from 1 up to 5 carats.

Cultured diamonds are not only ethical but also very beautiful and 100% real diamonds. With so many options within reach it may be hard to choose but don’t let trends or other people influence your choice. A diamond should radiate your personality and there’s a colour and shape for everyone.

A wide spectrum
Just like geological diamonds cultured diamonds come in various colours and in an infinite number of hues, tonality and saturation levels. The colour’s name is derived from the hue (blue, pink, yellow …), while the tone refers to the lightness or darkness of the colour. The intensity of the colour is expressed in the saturation.

Colourless diamonds: the purest of all
A white diamond is always a good choice. This classic diamond is timeless, sophisticated and every girl’s best friend.

The white diamond’s colour-grading scale is based on the absence of colour: the less colour, the higher the grade and value of the diamond.

White diamonds are colourless because they are free from certain chemical elements that give the diamond its colour. For example: nitrogen makes a diamond yellow while boron gives you a blue diamond.

White lab created diamonds grow slower than fancy coloured diamonds because they have little to no nitrogen, which stimulates the growth. To grow a perfect white diamond scientists have to work very carefully to prevent chemical elements — that add colour — from entering the diamond as it grows.

Fancy coloured diamonds: stand out from the crowd
Diamonds with vivid colours are a beautiful alternative to the classic white diamond. A lot of celebrities these days show off their brightly coloured engagement ring — and diamond jewellery — from warm canary to dazzling pink.

The white diamond’s colour-grading scale is based on the absence of colour: the less colour, the higher the grade and value of the diamond.

A fancy yellow diamond is the most common coloured diamond in nature, while a blue, green or pink one is rare. Thanks to science these rare fancy coloured diamonds can now be grown in a laboratory, which is a dream come true for many diamond lovers.


A perfect shape for everyone

Lab-grown diamonds come in as many shapes (and sizes) as there are tempers: from a classic Round Brilliant to a more dramatic Radiant shape. A Radiant cut highlights the diamond’s brilliance and allows diamond cutters to waste less so you have a larger diamond to enjoy.

For a modern twist you may choose a Princess or Oval shape while a Pear or Emerald diamond finishes off an elegant style. If you like to emphasise size a Marquise diamond will be the one. Are your musings filled with celebrities? Choose a Cushion cut diamond like they do. The shape highlights the diamond’s radiance, and yours.

Growing popularity
Leonardo DiCaprio already backed man-made diamonds in 2015 and slowly but steady we see other celebrities following his example. Famous woman like Kate Middleton, singer Natascha Bedingfield and actrices Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) and Annalynne McCord (Nip/Tuck and 90210) have all been spotted with beautiful cultured diamonds.

Professional advice
If you’re interested in purchasing cultured diamonds it’s important you seek for professional guidance by a diamand expert. We at Vow are happy to tell you more about lab created diamonds and love to welcome you at our headquarter in the diamond capital Antwerp (Belgium).

We help you choose the right diamond(s) and work with a master jewellery designer, who creates your jewel with the utmost care and finest materials, or bring you in touch with one of our retailers.

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