What are cultured diamonds?

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The word diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas, which means unconquerable and indestructible — yet our planet isn’t. With Vow we strive to change the diamond world by offering cultured diamonds that are grown in a laboratory.

A diamond is forever
Since the discovery of the mines of South Africa in the late nineteenth century diamonds became very popular. Tiffany’s creation of the six-prong setting in 1880 and De Beer’s campaign “A diamond is forever” in 1940 made a diamond ring the embodiment of the perfect engagement ring. Though diamonds may be forever, harvesting them isn’t and many women today are now consciously choosing cultured diamonds.


What are cultured diamonds?
Unlike geological diamonds which are formed under extreme pressure and temperatures deep within the earth’s core, cultured diamond are grown in a laboratory.

It took laboratory professionals almost 60 years to developed technologies that duplicate nature’s magic but today they are able to grow real diamonds larger than one carat in a controlled environment. The diamonds are of exquisite quality and gladly seen by progressive jewellers.

Natural diamonds take billions of years to grow whereas cultured diamond grow significantly faster. Cultured diamonds share the same crystal structure and physical and chemical characteristics as mined — or geological — diamonds.

Can you tell the difference?
Our diamonds are classified as type IIa and belong to the most rare diamonds in the world as only 2% of geological diamonds are this pure. It’s impossible to detect the difference between cultured and geological diamonds — even by an expert with a microscope — because they share the exact same characteristics.

The only difference is their origin but they are both made from real carbon crystals. Today only high-end laboratory equipment of a few gemological institutes like GIA, HRD and IGI can.

Every Vow cultured diamond comes with a certificate stating it’s a cultured diamonds and has it’s certificate number and the words ‘lab grown’ laser inscribed.

Why are cultured diamonds less expensive?
While they share the same characteristics and have the same quality and brilliance, cultured diamonds can cost up to 30% less because they are easier to come by. They also show hardly any carat loss after the cutting process thanks to their regular shape so you get a bigger diamond for your money. As a consumer and jewellery designer you also get the chance to behold rare fancy coloured diamonds. The beloved pink and blue diamonds are a curiosity in nature and very expensive — yet the cultured counterparts are more affordable, just as unique and even more beautiful.

But don’t be mistaken: cultured diamonds are still not cheap as they have to be cut and polished the same way as geological diamonds and they hold the same grading standards. The price depends on the combination of size and the 4 C’s (carat, cut, colour and clarity).

Why should you buy a cultured diamond?
Naturally mined diamonds have a large carbon footprint and often harm local ecosystems. Although conflict-free diamonds that comply the Kimberley Process Certification are the rule, there are still people victim of dishonest diamond diggers and this gets to our hearts. Cultured diamonds like our Vow diamonds offer you a more sustainable choice. They give future generations of people — and animals — the necessary resources to live and make your pledge of devotion count twice. Isn’t that the most honourable gift ever?

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