Vow offers cultured diamonds that come with a clear conscience and are not just forever. They give future generations the necessary resources to live and make your pledge of devotion count twice. Isn’t that the most honourable gift ever?

We embrace the innovative way of cultivating diamonds in a laboratory because it’s more sustainable, and it establishes a transparant diamond world by growing morally pure diamonds.

Vow diamonds are a promise of commitment and the tenderest care to your loved one and the planet.

We are proud to offer diamond lovers a more ethical and durable option with Vow.

Every diamond we offer is classified as type IIa, which is the purest and rarest grade of all as they contain almost no nitrogen atoms. Vow diamonds belong to the most rare diamonds in the world as only 2% of geological diamonds are this pure.

Vow is located in the diamond market’s capital Antwerp, Belgium and arose from A Diamond Trading. Vow sprung from a personal interest in innovation and care for the environment. Thanks to advanced technology we can now offer diamond lovers a sustainable option. We enjoy giving our clients different options and helping them in their search for the diamond that speaks to their soul.

Recognised as a registered diamond trading company we are authorised to import and export diamonds. Our lab created diamonds are graded to the same specifications as mined diamonds, including the 4 C’s.

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Our values

Does your heart beat faster while beholding a diamond but does your conscience stop you? With Vow there’s no reason to hesitate: our beautiful diamonds are ethically grown in laboratories with minimal environmental impact. These real beauties are the diamonds of the future:


Although treasured for many centuries as nature’s most precious and beautiful creation the mining of diamonds have harmed many vulnerable ecosystems. Vow diamonds on the other hand are cultured diamonds which means they are grown in a controlled laboratory using only limited resources. Vow diamonds are a conscious choice that sparkles in many ways.

Conflict-free guarantee

We attach great importance to a transparant and respectful trading. We guarantee our Vow diamonds are grown in a controlled laboratory free of any conflict zones. Respect towards other people’s rights is truly important to us.

More value

Once our diamonds are cut they have a much higher yield than geological diamonds: lab created diamonds grow in a more regular shape and it’s easier to obtain the desired shape without much loss. With Vow you get a bigger diamond for your money.

Rare and unique

Every diamond we add to our collection is classified as type IIa and belongs to the most rare diamonds in the world as only 2% of geological diamonds are this pure. Each diamond seed – planted in the laboratory – is one of a kind and the way it grows isn’t controlled by man. Each lab grown diamond has its own unique characteristics, just like a geological diamond.

Officially Certified

Each Vow diamond is certified by I.G.I, H.R.D. or G.I.A.

We guarantee our diamonds come from a conflict-free source and no fragile ecosystems were destroyed. The diamonds are laser inscribed with the certificate number and the words “Lab Grown” on the girdle so you know exactly what you buy. In the near future an ingenious high-tech machine will help diamond trading companies to identify lab grown diamonds smaller than 0,15 carat.

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